"Innovation Development Design Entrepreneurship.

To us these are not just buzz words but solid principles on which we strive to offer better solutions in today's rapidly expanding business landscape."

The cofounders of IDDE, Caleb and Toby, first met in 2014 after both winning a £16,000 scholarship to attend Lancaster University for the pioneering MSc International Innovation (Entrepreneurship and Design) in its award winning business school.


The MSc International Innovation incorporated demanding UK-China consultancy projects whilst giving us the opportunity to collaborate with Marketers, Engineers, Designers and Programmers, for innovative companies and gave us direct access to successful entrepreneurs who mentored us through a tough but rewarding two years. Working closely with successful entrepreneurs gave us the confidence and insight to realise very quickly that the graduate programme or climbing the corporate ladder were not the career paths for us.


Before finishing our degrees we represented an High Tech IP company outside of the programme and entered three separate UK-China competitions, to which we became finalists in all three. These include

  • HiSTAR Competition (Oxford University),

  • China UK Entrepreneurship Challenge (Lancaster University, University College London) and  

  • Shenzhen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition( China Britain Business Council).  

Supported by the Lancaster University Enterprise Team, Lancaster University Management School (LUMS) and infused with an unrelenting desire to question the norm, we were determined to pursue a passion we both shared.


Having been frustrated with impractical and unusable online platforms and poor websites, we knew that we could fix this universal problem and offer our own innovative solutions. By utilising our Design, Digital Marketing, IT skills and Entrepreneurial flair, IDDE (Innovation and Development in Design and Enterprise) was born.

Now based in Exeter, we have a close partnerships with many of clients whilst we continue with web development, digital marketing and online growth.

Our mission is to understand our customers needs, offer innovative solutions and design bespoke tangible products.

This is still our greatest mission today!

October 2014
Start of Lancaster China Catalyst Programme
Lancaster China Catalyst Programme with IDDE
June 2015
Collaboration with LSVP and DCT CHINA
December 2015
IDDE Conceptualised in Guangzhou China
Lancaster University Entrepreneurs with IDDE
April 2016
IDDE Registered in the UK
IDDE Design and Digital Agency
August 2016
IDDE establishes partnership with Amcor
IDDE establishes partnership with Amcor
May 2017
IDDE establishes partnership with
OnePT Academy
IDDE establishes partnership with OnePT Academy
October 2017
Luke joins the team
April 2018
IDDE celebrates its second year anniversary
June 2018
IDDE establishes partnership with Bright Futures UK
June 2018
Data Protection UK is conceived
August 2018
IDDE establishes partnership with P13
September 2018
IDDE completes its second year of trading
December 2018
IDDE establishes partnership with Plain Air
April 2019
IDDE establishes partnership with Allied Care

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